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Dark electro and drug wars – interview with Devilsight

Updated: 15 March, 2016 Created: 15 March, 2016 By:Adalbert Category: Interviews


Adalbert:  The title track for “Luna” is interesting as well – it merges different types of synths (from sharp hardcore techno saws, to atmospheric pads) with tempo changes (some dubstep appears for a minute) – it’s the most diversified track of the album, maybe that’s why it gave the title for the album?

Devilsight: It is a melodic song that gives the name of the album, “Luna” is  the pleasure of the sensations . Look at the sky and know that the moon is always to be filled with light in the middle of the darkness

Adalbert: “Luna” was released by Advoxya Records – can you tell me how this contract was achieved? Are you happy about it?

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Devilsight: We are very happy to be part of the family Advoxya records. It is a great label that provides an opportunity to promote bands throughout Europe.

Adalbert: What are the people’s reactions on “Luna”? 

Devilsight: It’s crazy, we have many comments of people from different countries who like  much the album. Most comments indicate that this is a brutal and full of beats,  from the start to the  finish of the disk. A worthy representative of the real Mexican style.

Adalbert: A perfect dark electro track – do you know any recipe how to write it?

Devilsight: Of course. The track must be full of exploding rage and anger!

Adalbert: What are your inspirations? Only dark electro stuff, or also some other kinds of music?

In Mexico there are many bands of gothic and electro genre, but they are not supported by anyone

Devilsight: I like different music genres, such as alternative rock and metal, especially from the 90’s.

Adalbert: And – let’s go on with the issue of artistic inspirations – what inspires you apart of music ? 

Devilsight: Horror movies inspire me much as well as videos of Mexican cartels and….  travels to the forest.

Adalbret: Can you tell us more about the Mexican dark electro scene? Do you have any relations with other projects, any friends among them? 

Devilsight: My friends among the bands  are Amduscia and C-lekktor. The scene in Mexico is very big, more than any other country in America Latina. In Mexico there are many bands of gothic and electro genre,  but they are not supported by anyone. In Mexico the people do not support local bands .

Adalbert: Do you have any plans to promote “Luna” on tour?

Devilsight: On April the 30th we start our tour called ” Violencia ” playing with Amduscia in Mexico City, and in October this year we will present our music for the first time in Spain, France and Germany.

Adalbert: Any last word for the people which will read this interview?

Thanks to you  for the interview and all the Europe people for the support. “Nosotros somos los hijos de la violencia”.

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