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Jacek Wolański about Cold Therapy and much more!

Updated: 7 November, 2012 Created: 7 November, 2012 By:Lecter Category: Interviews
Jacek Wolański, founder of projects like Unsinn or Traumatize, will tell us about shines and shadows of music career, and about his newborn child, “Cold Therapy”. Enjoy!

Tomasz Herbrich: So Young and so musically adult. . Can you tell me something about your beginnings? What encouraged you to join dark independent music „force”?

I think, I need to mention about a person, who really helped me - Ad-X from Reactor7x. Few years ago, when I started with music, he helped me a lot, as a some kind of secret mentor.

Jacek Wolański: Oh, I’m not so young <Laugh>. Anyway, about my beginnings, I think it was typical. I was just a listener, and I loved that kind of music. I never thought about creating anything… It was really unexpected, just a free idea. And now you can see how it looks. From idea to something serious. I’ve started without any knowledge about music, I’m a self-taught, still trying to experiment.

I think, I need to mention about a person, who really helped me – Ad-X from Reactor7x. Few years ago, when I started with music, he helped me a lot, as a some kind of secret mentor. Rest was typical, a lot of fun, a lot to learn, trying something new. And after that, everything comes easy, when I’ve reached new contacts, and knew a lot of people who tried to help me.

Tomasz Herbrich: Yeah, we can hear in your music that Ad-X had done his job well. When I’m looking on your list of compilations where your project (Traumatize) was included, it gives me a headache. You are placed between fames like C-Lekktor, [x]-rx or T3RROR 3RROR. How do you feel with it? Only “the chosen ones” could reach to that level.

Jacek Wolański: Sure it is satisfying, when you are placed between really popular bands, that you were listening to for years. When you succed, when you are pushing yourself forward… That’s why I’m doing it, for having that kind of pleasure. I’ve met a lot of famous musicians, it’s really nice to stay in contact with them as friends, or to hear a good opinions about my music. With Cold Therapy I’ll continue going this way, cooperate with well-known bands, and of course try to appear on various compilations, it is a good promotion for project.

Tomasz Herbrich: Before we start to talk about Cold Therapy, I have few other questions for you. Tell me more about Unsinn. It was your first official band? How was the cooperation with DeadChris?

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Jacek Wolański: Well… It was complicated. It all started when me and DeadChris were just dreaming about creating a band. And finally we did it, but it was just experimenting with with music and learning.

Music and vocals in Unsinn was my part. DeadChriss had to learn and help me with compositions, and also he had to learn how to play on synths, for live shows. Unfortunately, our cooperation didn’t take a good direction, because he was booking gigs without my knowledge about it, and I knew about it from our shared friends, or by finding deleted e-mails, where he was talking with organizers of the shows.

After that, I’ve told him, that I felt used, because I was doing all music and vocals for Unsinn, and he was booking shows behind my back, played my music on them and taked someone else on my place, who was singing live. Someday he went to play live at Vienna. His sister played on synths and he was singing… After that, he removed me from the band, took all rights, without mentioning about it. He said and wrote everywhere that I left the band by myself. And that was the end of our cooperation. As you can see, it was a bit “spicy”.
To clear the things out, I don’t want any misunderstandings, now I dont bear a grudge on him, and I wish him very best! We both went in our own  ways.

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