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Halotan Records Sampler 07 release date set!

Updated: 15 October, 2013 Created: 17 July, 2013 By:Andrzej Category: News
We are happy to announce that our upcoming compilation Sampler 07 is now closed. The playlist is complete and it consists of 15 bands.

As we speak the release is being mastered and cover art finalised.

We recommend

VA - Halotan Records Sampler 06
StyleGoth, Dark Electro, Industrial
More info and player

At this stage we are able to announce a provisional release date – Sunday the 4th of August, 2013. This date may still change, but we have say 90% certainty that we are able to meet this deadline.

We are extremely pleased with the selection of music we managed to gather for this release and are looking forward to bringing all this goodness to you.

Just like all Halotan Records releases, Sampler 07 is going to be available as full, hi-quality free download and physical CD that can be bought.

As usual, the choice is entirely yours and we’ll be happy whether you download for free or buy.

The list of featuring bands is as follows:

Cold Therapy
Deadly Injection
Die Braut
-La Magra-
Nano Infect
Reaxion Guerilla
Resist Concept
Scar Limit
Stahlnebel & Black Selket
Viscera Drip

The “cover babe” this time is Spanish alternative model Vesmedinia. We would like to thank sincerely everybody involved.

If you have not done so yet, please stay in touch and like Halotan Records on Facebook in the box below! This way you won’t miss the upcoming Sampler release and, indeed, many more to come!

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