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New Polish Dark Independent Radio

Updated: 15 December, 2012 Created: 15 December, 2012 By:Adalbert Category: News

If you want to be up to date with Polish Dark Independent scene, you need to do only one thing – enter http://alternation.eu/radio.html and listen the best and the most recent projects. Alternation.eu, one of the most important Polish sites devoted to goth subculture  finally runs its own radio. Here’s whats its founders say about this special internet channel:

For some years, we have been thought about the idea of our own, unique & independent radio station, whose task would be to broadcast that one’s, which at the dark independent scene is good and worth knowing. Since the outset, our intention have been promoted and supported the whole spectrum of artists, who have never had the slightest chance of the issue on the biggest radio stations waves, like for example RMF or BBC, but have a giant talent and artistic potential. Finally, we’re very happy to inform You, that the Alternation Music Magazine radio is officially brought to life & offers You the most interesting, sophisticated tones throughout the ether! You won’t hear tunes like that anywhere else!

You expect the pop-stuff like Lady Gaga, Modern Talking or other commercial crap – You have to go at different address. We offer You a veritable kaleidoscope of independent music – from IDM, Ambient, Electro, EBM, Gothic, Ethereal to Martial, Synthpop and Industrial, all free, 24/7, on every available platform in each place all over the world – from Paris to Kamchatka! We are everywhere, where is access to the Internet!

Below we present You the introductory programme of our radio – but right now we can promise You, that this is just the beginning – we have prepared for You a lot of surprises and the most interesting schedule. We also look forward for all Your suggestions and comments – if You would like to change anything, or advert, that something important is missing, or just want to let us know some interesting artist or band – please just write to us!

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