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Winter Offensive – Fed by Hate

Updated: 26 August, 2012 Created: 13 November, 2011 By:Andrzej Category: News

New dark electronic release in our shop. Aggression, war and high speed – this is the shorthest characteristic of “Fed by Hate”. As usual, the whole album can be bought or downloaded for free.

Winter Offensive’s music is fast aggrotech especially if we take in to account numerous references to commericial trance or techno genres. Those elements are dominant – a pulsating, trancy bass and beat are base of all songs. On more general level Winter Offensive’s music is fast dark / harsh electro.

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Winter Offensive - Fed by Hate
StyleAggrotech, Dark Electro
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“Fed by Hate” is to some extend a concept album. All lyrics are inspired by various events from WWII. CD artwork is also strongly connected to the subject of WWII, so the album has also a martial dimension – at least in its graphical layer.

For photos of physical release and to share single songs please visit this page in our shop.

The songs are mostly fast, with distorted vocals and catchy trance-like melodies. A lot is going on in the background, there is plenty of noises and other nice sounds that fill up the space and keep listener’s focus.

You can keep in touch with Winter Offensive on their Facebook page.

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