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How Markie screwed us all and why you should subscribe to our newsletter

Updated: 30 August, 2015 Created: 30 August, 2015 By:Andrzej Category: Blog
If you are either underground music fan or in a band – you have probably already noticed it. If not – this should be a heads up for you.

So why subscribe to our newsletter? To make it short – because Facebook will no longer permit us to communicate with you. On average at most 16% (recent study) of fans see updates from a page they like. Have a page with a thousand fans and see “50 people reached” under your post? This is the new reality and it is going to get worse.

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Having monopolised social media, Facebook is now screwing everybody who – like us – naively invested their time and money in building their fan base. Now you have to pay to get through. We are underground and cannot afford it.

Some people were posting about hitting “show in the newsfeed” button that would actually make the posts to appear on fans’ newsfeeds. This is rubbish, another post people were copying and pasting, this has no effect.

As more and more companies advertise on Facebook there is less space left on your news feed. It is not difficult to predict that unpaid reach will slowly go down and down to finally become nonexistent.

We are priced out of the market – how possibly could we compete with McDonalds letting you know about their new super yummy Mendeleyev table burger? Well we can’t.


By subscribing to our newsletter you can effectively show a finger to Facebook and help us to stay in business of promoting underground music you love.

We simply need a means of communication with you in order to let you know about our new releases.

We send no more than one email a month. When we do it is about our latest releases or something of high importance.

We send no more than one email a month. When we do it is about our latest releases or something of high importance. It is definitely something we strongly believe you would like to know about.

Each email contains one click unsubscribe link. If you decide you are no longer interested you just click it and forget about us.

Is email newsletter such a good thing? It is at the moment but – just like our friends at Facebook the big email services (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) have their own ideas as well.

They are building their own walled garden where nobody from outside can reach your inbox. They say they are fighting spam. In reality they are kicking everybody but themselves out. We know what we are talking about – your email server can be configured 100% according to their specs and your emails will still go to spam folder.

Effectively they are getting you used to the fact it is them who decides who can email you. Just the same way they got you used to giving away all your personal information. Notice the trend, so far they were “just” spying on you – now they are starting to control you.

So as you can see things are constantly changing and the struggle goes on. But – we are like roaches, hard to kill. We will adapt to the reality, keep fighting and showing our middle finger to corpos, mainstream and other assholes.

Please be with us, for the sake of music we all love. Go to the top of this page and subscribe.

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