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Serenity in horror – interview with Viscera Drip

Updated: 22 July, 2023 Created: 11 November, 2014 By:Adalbert Category: Interviews
Many people claim that the Dark Independent scene is dying. They post the informations about the low CD sales and the decrasing number of active artists. But when you take a closer look, you may  easily observe, that the whole scene is alive and kicking. You may not find the CDs of dark independent artists in the catalogues of major record companies, you may not even be able to find them on the shelf of your local record store, but when you just search the internet you will see that this virtual universe became a platform of communication between definitely non-virtual artists, and  their non virtual fans. The new acts – especially those which create dark electronic music – are appearing constantly, and many of them delivers great albums, which not only follow the Suicide Commando or Hocico’s footsteps but also reach for the new musical concepts. Such is the case of the the Viscera Drip from New Mexico, USA, which recently published its debut album entitled “Abbatoir” via Hungarian label Advoxya Records  (which is already home for many interesting dark electro acts). Justin Thiele, who is the man behind the Viscera Drip answered a few questions concerning its debut album – which in my humble opinion is a great effort, and should be checked out by all of the dark electro maniacs out there.

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Adalbert: Hi Justin, I’m glad that you wanted to answer a few questions for our internet site. This year is an important year for your electronic project, Viscera Drip – because after more than ten years of existence (I found an information that you’re active since 2002) your debut album was published via Advoxya Records. The dust has setlled and the few months has passed – how do you feel now about this release?

Justin Thiele: Hello, thank you for your interest! It has been a while that I have been creating music and I am happy to finally release on such a wonderful label. I am very happy with how “Abattoir turned out, and very grateful to those who were involved and helped get it finished and out there for all to hear.

Adalbert: Any opinions from the listeners or press reviews?

Justin: I have had great response from fans and friends. Everyone seems to really enjoy the songs, or they are just being nice! I also recently got a pretty decent review on Side-Line. I seem to be getting good airplay from radio shows such as Cyberage Radio, and DJ sets including Serge Negative.



Adalbert: Your music is full of wicked melodies that are hardly forgettable – like the creepy female chants in “Shut the fuck up” and „We will get what we deserve” or lead melody line in “Hell of a life” or “This little piggy”. They have a vibe of some horror movie soundtracks – are those sountracks one of our inspirations?

I find peace and serenity in watching people get murdered on screen. It's cathartic.

Justin: I am very much inspired by horror film scores. I recently received signed copies from Alan Howarth for “The Thing” soundtrack as well as “Prince of Darkness” and “Halloween 2”. Something I found out that me and Jan of X-Fusion, who is also a huge influence on me, have a lot in common about are our love for soundtracks. I think that comes out quite a bit in our own music. I remember talking about Brian Tyler and his score for the film, “Darkness Falls” with Jan and we both were quite fond of that one in particular. I did a cover of Goblin’s opening score for Dario Argento’s Suspiria many years ago. The original soundtrack being one of my all time favorites. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll spare you!

Adalbert: Well, the whole concept of the “Abattoir” seems to circulate around horror movies – I mean the general atmosphere of the tracks, the lyrics, and the samples that you use. What is so fascinatiing in the horror movies?

Justin: This is something that has fascinated me since childhood. Being afraid and learning to embrace fear and by doing so, overcome it. The funny thing is, fear is different for a child. It’s more fantasy based, almost whimsical. I try to bring back that feeling of childish fear, the thrill of it, because quite frankly…adult fears are not so exciting! Our fears now mostly consist of sickness and money problems and relationship troubles. Boring. I’ll take the horror film over the horror of life any day. Also, I find peace and serenity in watching people get murdered on screen. It’s cathartic. All my daily frustrations with people are washed away in shades of red.


Adalbert: In the press release we can find in information that “Abattoir” sends listeners into it’s hellish world of horror and depravity with shocking ease”. Do you think that such music and lyric content are really able to shock anyone?

It is too easy to shock and offend people. Most people, such as myself, do it unintentionally.

Justin: It is too easy to shock and offend people. Most people, such as myself, do it unintentionally. I shock people in my home town all the time not intending to. For instance, If I express my belief that a woman should have the right to choose…people are shocked. If I say, I believe you are your own god and that the only hell you are going to is the one you put yourself into….people are shocked. I believe the intelligent do not get shocked or offended so easily, but unfortunately, there is a shortage of intelligence around us, and yes…lyrics and music can be “shocking”. This was not my intent for Abattoir. I’d say I was going more for “thrilling” or “stimulating”.

Adalbert: Let’s speak about your musical inspirations. One of my fauvorite songs on „Abbatoir” is „My final prayer” which offers a catchy disco-like lead juxtaposed with usual wicked and heavy atmosphere – so I guess your musical inspirations are rather wide, and you don’t limit yourself only to the famous dark electro acts.

Justin: Thank you, that’s my favorite as well. I do not limit myself at all. I have hundreds of cds. There is a lot of traditional type techno that I really enjoy for the music, such as DHT,Speaker Junkies, etc. But I never really liked the vocals or samples too much, and thought it’d sound better with harsh vocals. So there are projects out there that have great production and really good vocals when it comes to this. My label mates, Stahlnebel and Black Selket come to mind. Really amazing, big leads, hard kick and bass…moving, and with excellent vocals and lyrics as well. They are not your typical dark electro act and use a lot of techniques that can be found in mainstream techno, but they put it to a darker, harder edged foreground.

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