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Merciless trial – interview with H.EXE

Updated: 22 July, 2023 Created: 24 November, 2014 By:Adalbert Category: Interviews
It is hard to believe it, but this the first interview with H.EXE on the Halotan Records site. The band which was born as one man project of Odo, shocked the Polish dark independent scene with the release of its debut LP “Killing Monsters” composed already with the new band member – Rex Rotten. Now H.EXE is a trio, since guitarist Luké joined the Polish crew. This year was a very active one for the band. The second LP “Human Flesh Recipies” was published, rediscovering their sound which remained faithfull to their electronic roots, but the presence of the guitar made the whole effort even more raw and barbaric. New EP “300” will be published soon, and the band continues to play live numerous shows in Poland (13. 12 in Warsaw, 24. 01 in Zielona Gora, 28 march in Wroclaw, 30 april in Lodz, and in june on the main stage of the Castle Party Festival). This is why we decided to interview the founder of the band and the vocalist, Odo, asking about H.EXE’s past and the plans for the incoming year.

Band photo – Krzysztof Zatycki, concert photos  – Piotr „Raven” Zawadzki 

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H.Exe - Human Flesh Recipes
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Adalbert: A few months has passed since the premiere of the “Human Flesh Recipies”, how do you find it now? You’re still satisfied with the decision to incorporate the guitar sound to your music?

Odo: Yes, we’re very satisfied ! We’ve managed to stay faithfull to our electronic sound and expand it without any painful compromises. Besides, we’re not the first and not the last. We had some concerns, that it will be hard to join those two worlds. It was possible due to our guitarist Luké’s approach (who plays with us since 2012), and Einar (H.EXE’s manager) who passed the countless hours on mixing and mastering our album. It was a challenge for all of us, but we really wanted to make our second LP sound that way.

Adalbert: Do you have any fauvorite songs from this LP? I guess you would point out those songs that you play on yourr gigs?

Odo: Yes, I prefer the tracks that are the real live killers. My blood starts to flow faster when I think about “Seven Lovely Sins”, “300”, “Time of Contept”, or “Underground”, because I know how it is to go crazy with all the venue, while I’m on the stage.


Adalbert: And how obut the reception of the album? Was the public satisfied ? The opinions were different than after the “Killing Monsters” release? Of course, if you mind such things…

For me the reactions at the gigs are most important. It is always a merciless trial

Odo: Of course, the opinions of our fans are very important to us, but you should ask them what they think about our latest effort. It is hard to give some average, but for me the reactions at the gigs are most important. It is always a merciless trial, because the reactions of the audience is always immediate and clear. So far everybody have a great time during our concerts, and that’s what mattters!

Adalbert: Lets continue the thread of your latest album, and take a closer look at it. After many listens I’ve got an impression that it is very personal record. The message of such songs as ” Time of Contempt” or” Friend Worse Than an Enemy” is clear : man is a wolf to his fellow man, and it’s better to stay in the “Underground” than let yourself be devoured by the cannibals …

Tle lyrics must be personal, how would I find the energy to shout them in the other case?

Odo: The lyrics must be personal, how would I finf the energy to shout them in the other case? But I don’t want to philosophize. Our music should give a dose of pure energy for us and for our fans. It could be impossible to induce our listeners to have fun and the profound reflection at the same time. I just try to describe the things that had a deep emotional impact on me. I put myself as I am in those lyric, but I also want to get something in reward : conciousness that someone may think “I know what this guy is talking about, I think alike”.


Adalbert: As you admitted yourself, thera are a few black metal citations from „Human Flesh Recipies” … And during your concerts you introduce your band “we’re H.EXE, we’re playing black metal”. But there are no blast drums, tremolo guitars and forest on your album covers.


Odo: Who knows, maybe one day there will be. Of course, this is a provocation, but I think that those two different worlds – electronic music and metal – should not be juxtaposed. In my opinion they are very close to each other, especially harsh electro and black metal. They may appear different at the first sight, but when you take a closer look you observe many analogies, you can see that there are more common traits than differences. Many harsh electro fans which I meet during our gigs are often ex-metalheads. However many are still sultivationg usless stereotypes. I don’t like it, and this wall must crumble. I see that the changes have arleady begun. Many of the musicians on our dark electronic scene start to talk open and proudly about their metal roots. And yes… I must admit, that I’m still a metalhead (for about 25 years), and the rest of the H.EXE can also be described by this term.

Polish dark independent scene exists only because of the few maniacs – DJ’s and party organizers, whose hard work is so often underestimated. And what they get in return ? Simple gratitude ? Rarely. Unfounded crticism? Always.

Adalbert: You feel that you belong to the Polish dark independent scene, or such “national divisions” don’t bother you? I guess it bothers you, on the “Killing Monsters” you’ve been shouting that “many people are doing a good job for the scene yet it’s still possible to finde some iditios with hang-ups” (this phrase is a part of “We invented farsh electro” lyrics, sung in Polish).

Odo: Well, for quite some time I’ve got an impresson that Polish dark independent scene exists only because of the few maniacs – DJ’s and party organizers, whose hard work is so often underestimated. They do titanic efforts to promote the parties, and make it attractive and competitive (well, nowadays, such main competitor and alternative for a good club party is the computer’s screen). They sacrifice their own time and money, and what they get in return ? Simple gratitude ? Rarely. Unfounded crticism? Always. Without them, our scene would die very quickly.


Adalbert: In the next edition of the Castle Party Festival in Bolkow (Poland), you’re quite visible on the festiwal’s posters. You will play some special gig, or it’s just another concert of H.EXE ?


Odo : Every gig is special for us, every gig means a lot for us. We’re gratefull that the organizers of the Castle Party honored us in such way. I was surprised when I saw the official poster ! See the logo of my band next the logo of Paradise Lost – it has a deep personal meaning for me, as I’m a Paradise Lost fan. And the other members of the band feel even more honored. Hope, that we will all have a great time !

Adalbert: Do you know that H.EXE is one of the most active bands on the Polish Dark Independent scene if we consider the number of gigs you play?

This music shall give a dose of power and energy to all those who neeed to freak out

Odo: Yes, I know. It’s easy to understand this phenomenon – H.EXE was founded to play as many gigs as possible. I’m not interested in reducing my activity to studio releases, because H.EXE can’t exist without  playing live. This music shall give a dose of power and energy to all those who neeed to freak out.


Adalbert: Did you expected that H.EXE’s career will develop so fast while you’ve posted an information on the Altergothic portal (not existing anymore), that you search for musicians, which was answered by Rex Rotten?


Odo: I still have a screen of this post. It surpassed my greatest expectations. I’m absolutely surprised with all of that. It’s even hard to belive that some of the most remarkable moment from our history actually happened, though I have photos, films, and witnesses. The concert with Suicide Commando, and 30 other gigs… it was all amazing! Next year we will play at the Castle Party for the fourth time. We have two LP’s and two EP’s in our discography. Everything happened only in four years, it feels like yesterday when I was sitting and recording first EP, hoping that some of the listeners will like it. Many people helped us gratuitously and generoulsy trogh that time… we will never forget about it !

Adalbert: Any plans? Maybe new LP before Castle Party?

Odo: That’s the plan. You know, I always say: „you can have it right – or – you can have it right now”, so we will see ;) Thank you for the interview!

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