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Socially and psychologically engaged – interview with Guilt Trip

Updated: 2 November, 2015 Created: 16 September, 2015 By:Adalbert Category: Interviews
Guilt Trip is a Swedish industrial duo, which has already long experience in creating of diversified and intelligent, yet still energetic and somehow catchy music. Karl Lindberg (synthesisers) and Magnus Nilsson (vocals) agreed to answer a few question for Halotan Records website. The interview have taken place right before their show at Castle Party 2015, where the duo performed in the old evangelical church. Guilt Trip’s sound is inspired by such bands as  Numb or Skinny Puppy, however it was also able to create  something original. If you like when your brain moves along with your body, and do not affraid of more deep lyrics which actually mean something – give them a chance.

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Adalbert: My first question is about the name “Guit Trip”. This term is used when someone is trying to make you feel guilty for something. Can you tell me more about the meaning of the band’s name?

Magnus: Our name is “Guit Trip” because we try to put people on guit trip, we are trying to make them think differently about certain things. Hopefully… So then you will think ‘Oh! I didn’t know, I didn’t realised that I was thinking like that, bad me!’

Adalbert: All right… You will make them guilty and…

hopefully one of our gigs will end with a riot

Magnus: And that trip will make them eventually aware…

Karl: Of themselves actually. And we think the lyrics actually reflect that notion, so to speak.

Adalbert: What can you tell me about the beginnings of the band? I read something about that, and I found out, that you’ve been active since many, many years, since nineties, I think, and it begun with a band Chirurgie Esthetique, what can you tell me about that?

Karl: We had a lot of different names, and we’ve actually started in 1989 I think. We had a different singer, Magnus was on keyboards, I was on keyboards, we’ve been fooling around in our boy room, just being a fans of electronic music. We had Steinberg Pro24, we heard that actually Front 242 had used it, so we also got it, the Atari stuff, and we were on the way.

Magnus: And the reason we changed the name from Chirurgie Esthetique to Guil Trip was, first of all, people couldn’t pronounce it, and the music had changed. So we thought that it is a new beginning. We’ve made and album “Reborn”, because that’s what it was – rebirth – new music, new name.

Karl: And new musical style. We introduced guitars, we’ve experimented a lot. And then we made three albums.

Magnus: And lyrics are changed. With Chirurgie Esthetique it was almost “hippie”, with Guilt Trip its harsher lyrics, more “into your face”…

Adalbert: More socially engaged?

Magnus: More socially engaged, yes… And hopefully also more psychologically engaged. And hopefully one of our gigs will end with a riot.

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